The Good

This show always put our interesting characters in action or suspense filled environments.

The Bad

No extra features.

Jonathan and Jennifer Hart return for 20 hour long episodes that make us yearn for the simplistic period known as the 1980s. With the help of their faithful friend Max we see Jonathan and Jennifer deal with Jonathan's amnesia ("What Murder?"), Max taking center stage when his ex-wife appears looking for a stolen necklace ("Ex-Wives Can Be Murder") and identity theft ("Homemade Murder"). All told, Hart to Hart: The Complete Second Season isn't too much different than the first season that I reviewed. People are still trying to kill the Harts, take their money, implicate them in crimes and all manner of white collar debauchery.

What makes this show so much fun is seeing the Hart's figure out their situations. In all honesty, Hart to Hart is a show that makes a bid for education, because Jonathan and Jennifer are so smart that that often helps them outfox their sometimes dimwitted pursuers.


No Extras came with this DVD.


1.33:1 - Full Screen. The shows of the 1980s don't look as sophisticated as the shows of today. That's just a fact. They didn't have the technology, the martial arts and everything else that makes today's show whizz past us. However, I much prefer the leftovers of the halcyon days of His Girl Friday, as opposed to shows that you can't even tell what's going on because they're cut like a music video.


Dolby Digital. Languages: English and Portuguese. Subtitled in Portuguese. Remastered in High Definition. Closed Caption. You hear the opening strains of this show's theme song and it does make you cringe a little bit. It's like hearing white folks do their rendition of funk. Beyond that, the audio on these discs was fine. The characters delivered their lines in easy to understand ways, and while the audio usually supported the picture, there's nothing like those 1980s, suspenseful audio transitions.


Stephanie Powers and Robert Wagner are dressed like secret agents (and not the amateur detectives they are) on this front cover. Behind them are shots of boats and yachts which seem like they were photoshopped there by the people who created this layout. The back cover features a lot of green, with the motif being money and bills. There is a description of what this second season contains, some pictures from the show (Stephanie Powers looking H-O-T!), and some technical specs. The five discs that make up this set are housed in 3 cases with varying covers and images that relate to this show. On the back of each case is a listing and description of each episode.

Final Word

While this show always seemed too adult for me when I was kid, I find that watching it now, it takes on the same purpose as something like The A-Team. While I might be much more keyed in on that show (simply because I watched it more when I was younger, and I can actually relate to the characters a little bit), anything from the 1980s piques my interest. Like the first season, this show is a timepiece and while everything does have a dated look about itself, there is a certain charm that Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers have that makes this show really endearing.

Also, this show did run for 5 seasons and while that certainly isn't the longest run, during it's time Hart to Hart made quite an impression. Also, studios don't complete DVD collections simply because they feel they have to. They do it because it makes sense to their bottom line. Something tells me we are going to see all the season's of Hart to Hart on DVD.

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