Women were asked to leave the Downtime bar in New York City after confronting Harvey Weinstein at a young actor's event. Weinstein was allegedly invited to the Actor's Hour event at the bar by founder Alexandra Laliberte.

The disgraced Hollywood Mogul has largely been out of the public eye after being accused of rape and sexual assault by dozens of women, many of them young and aspiring actors. In addition, Weinstein faces a rape trial in New York City early next year.

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The Actor's Hour event featured young and up and coming comics, who were reportedly asked not to mention Harvey Weinstein's presence. Comedian Kelly Bachman decided to break the rules and brought up the "elephant in the room." Bachman referred to Weinstein as "Freddy Krueger," and said, "I didn't know we had to bring our own Mace and rape whistles to Actor's Hour." Bachman's observation elicited boos and heckles from males in the audience, with one man yelling at her to "shut up." Bachman replied by stating, "This kills at group therapy for rape survivors." Bachman herself is a rape survivor. The comedian said, "f*ck you" to Weinstein before continuing with her set.

Performer Amber Rollo detailed the situation on social media, stating that she was shocked to see Harvey Weinstein out at an event for young actors. Rollo says, one woman got up and started yelling at Weinstein during the intermission. The woman was screaming and crying, only to be escorted out of the building. Rollo then took it upon herself to confront the elephant in the room. She explains.

"Then I went in and called him a f**king monster and told him he should disappear. His friend/body guard/goon/family member called me a c**t and I really really wanted to lunge over the table and strangle him... There was a woman at the table with him who gently guided me out. I don't know who she is but I hope she is ok."

Kelly Bachman is now being hailed as a hero for breaking the rules and calling Harvey Weinstein out on stage while standing only a few feet from him. "I'm comfortable enough to talk about my experience, but when I'm sitting in the room with a monster that people are supporting, it just sucked the air out of my chest," says Bachman. She then reflected that the whole vibe in the room felt like the "old-school Harvey," meaning he had his own private table and was surrounded by actors.

Kelly Bachman continued by saying, "I didn't want to make everyone comfortable. I didn't want to make light of this person and make everyone feel good about it." Regardless, Harvey Weinstein seemed unphased by the situation. Bachman is getting a lot of praise for her actions and women in the audience were happy to hear that someone was breaking the rules of the evening. You can check out a portion of the set below, thanks to Kelly Bachman's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
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