The hits just keep coming for Harvey Weinstein who has recently been publicly accused of being a serial sexual harasser and an all-around terrible human being. It's been reported that the Hollywood mogul has been paying off accusers for decades and more people are stepping forward to tell their stories about Weinstein and his antics. In the wake of the accusations, many who were close to Weinstein have begun to jump from the sinking ship as public outrage begins to grow and more allegations stack up. The latest accusation comes from the New York Post's Page Six.

The new report details a trip that Harvey Weinstein took to visit the set of Brideshead Revisited, which was filming in the English countryside in 2007. Weinstein visited the set because his first company, Miramax, was negotiating to distribute the project in the United States. The movie features performances from talented actors including Hayley Atwell, Emma Thompson, Matthew Goode, Felicity Jones, Ben Whipshaw, Michael Gambon, Greta Scacchie, among others. Atwell was a relative newcomer to the industry at the time and hadn't starred in the MCU movies such as Captain America or Ant-Man yet.

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Harvey Weinstein went up to Hayley Atwell on the set and began to hit on the 24-year old actress who was clearly nervous since she was starring in one of her first substantial roles. A source close to the project told the Post that Weinstein sat with the cast and crew at lunch and told Atwell that she should start to watch what she was eating because he had just taken a look at the dailies, mentioning that he didn't like what he saw. Weinstein then reportedly said.

"You look like a fat pig on screen. Stop eating so much."

The source also says that Hayley Atwell then went to Emma Thompson to reveal that Harvey Weinstein had just ordered her to go on a diet, which enraged Thompson. Apparently, Emma Thompson went to Weinstein and accused him of being a misogynist and a bully, while threatening to quit the project. Hayley Atwell has not come out and made a statement nor has Emma Thompson, but the sexual abuse allegations just keep coming for Weinstein.

As it turns out, just about everybody in Hollywood was privy to Harvey Weinstein's disgusting behavior, which includes sexually harassing women, abusing his employees, and a violent temper. The women who formally accused Weinstein and those employees who lodged complaints through Weinstein's company itself comprise actors, assistants, and 20-something women who hoped to find a foothold in the entertainment industry. Weinstein, as one of its most powerful gatekeepers, was allegedly more than happy to "help" the young women in any way that he "could." If his advances were declined, movie roles could be lost, production pulled, or jobs lost because he held the ultimate power. People around him stayed silent for their own ambition, which has made the monster grow. Regardless, you can check out more of the allegations against Weinstein, which he has admitted and somewhat apologized for, at Page Six.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick