A lawyer who used to represent actress Paz de la Huerta has filed a lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein and an attorney, alleging that they coordinated in a scheme to get the actress to drop her rape complaint against the disgraced Hollywood mogul. Attorney Aaron Filler, who formerly represented de la Huerta, filed the lawsuit late last week in Los Angeles against Weinstein, his company, and attorney Michael Rubin. Paz de la Huerta came forward along with many other women to claim that Weinstein had sexually assaulted them late last year when the scandal broke publically.

Michael Rubin, a former New York prosecutor who is now a defense attorney, is reportedly a "specialist in the criminal defense of rapists," the lawsuit claims. The suit also alleges that Rubin, posing as a "victim's rights advocate," contacted Paz de la Huerta in a diabolical attempt to gain access to and expose her medical records and ultimately convince the actress to drop her rape allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Rubin reportedly initiated contact with de la Huerta after she came forward in a November interview with Vanity Fair, alleging that Weinstein raped her twice. The timeline puts Weinstein right in the middle of the very public scandal and at about the time he sent off a letter to friends in the industry to publically back him.

The suit continues by stating that Michael Rubin insisted on meeting Pas de la Huerta in secret after the actress said that the incidents happened in 2010, which falls under New York's statute of limitations for rape. Ruben then insisted that de la Huerta dump her current legal team and then tried to publically embarrass her by releasing her psychiatric records to drop the case against Harvey Weinstein. Rubin denied the allegations and said that Aaron Filler is just upset he lost a client and claims to have never even met Weinstein. Instead, Rubin said his intentions in reaching out to the actress were to help Paz de la Huerta get Weinstein arrested.

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Harvey Weinstein has denied any claim of non-consensual sex by any of the women that have come forward. In addition, Paz De la Huerta's current lawyer, Carrie Goldberg, said the actress has nothing to do with the current lawsuit. Goldberg released a statement over the weekend that says that de la Huerta makes no claims in the case. The statement reads.

"My client had no knowledge of this lawsuit filed by Mr. Filler and makes no claims as to the veracity of any of the information presented as facts in the complaint."

Harvey Weinstein currently has over 80 women alleging sexual misconduct against him. There are open cases in Los Angeles, New York City, and London, England, which could result in jail time for the former Hollywood heavyweight. As previously note, Weinstein claims that all relations were consensual and that he did nothing wrong. You can read more about the new bizarre case against Harvey Weinstein via USA Today.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick