Harvey and Bob Weinstein are now being sued by an aspiring British actress who alleges that Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted her during Cannes. Kadian Noble, who claims Weinstein sexually assaulted her in 2014, is suing him, his brother Bob and their company, The Weinstein Company, under federal sex trafficking laws. She's using the unusual legal tactic in an attempt to bring the disgraced Hollywood mogul to justice. The Los Angeles Police Department recently announced that they have open sexual assault cases against Harvey Weinstein as well as the New York Police Department.

In court papers filed earlier this week, Kadian Noble claims that Harvey Weinstein lured her to his room at Le Majestic Hotel in February 2014 with the promise of a movie role and then began to grope her breasts and other private areas of her body. When she tried to leave, Weinstein trapped her in the bathroom, pulled her shirt down and pinned her down, sexually assaulting her. He then made her pleasure him until completion before she was able to leave the bathroom. Noble, who is being represented by Stuart Mermelstein, claims that she had been in contact with Weinstein about a movie role prior to the hotel room incident and dropped off a reel of her acting work at his London office.

The suit argues that based on the aforementioned events, that Harvey Weinstein was in violation of sex trafficking laws. The tricky legal maneuver is being used as way to bring Weinstein down after coming out of the allegations of more than 50 women relatively unscathed. The complaint reads.

"Harvey Weinstein traveled in foreign commerce, knowingly recruiting or enticing Kadian, offering her something of value, knowing that he would use this offer as a means to defraud, force or coerce her into a sexual encounter. Harvey Weinstein ultimately forced Kadian into sexual acts."

The case is said to be pretty solid and could earn Harvey Weinstein and associates 10 years to life in prison if tried in the United States. It'll be interesting to see if this case is able to hold up in court as it holds some new information that has yet to come out publicly.

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The complaint continues and lays out its reasoning for naming The Weinstein Company and Bob Weinstein as co-defendants. Apparently, a lot of employees of The Weinstein Company were privy to Weinstein's actions over the years and even had a code name for the incidents. TWC employees called women who participated in sexual exchanges for parts in major movies and TV shows "Friends of Harvey." The complaint reads.

"Upon information and belief, the code word among TWC employees "FOH", meant "Friend of Harvey", and referred to a young woman who had participated in sex in exchange for a role or position in an upcoming project. TWC employees knew to "take care" of the FOH's."

The statute of limitations for sex trafficking is 10 years. If it turns out to be a solid legal theory, it could open the flood gates to more lawsuits, which could not otherwise be filed because of shorter statutes of limitations. A representative for Harvey Weinstein released a statement, denying the allegations. The statement reads.

"Mr. Weinstein denies allegations of non-consensual sex. Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances."

Kadian Noble is the latest woman to come forward with allegations of sexual assault towards Harvey Weinstein, but actresses Lena Headey and Judith Godrèche, plus model Samantha Panagrosso, have also shared stories about Weinstein's involvement in sexual misconduct while at Cannes, which could lead to more cases being brought against him and The Weinstein Company. You can read more about the latest in the Harvey Weinstein scandal and sex trafficking via Deadline.

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