Pretty soon, we can just turn this site into The highly touted director has been all over the map lately, picking and choosing various actors, from both the A list and the Hollywood black list, for his two upcoming projects. First, the news leaked that Tarantino wanted Tara Patrick to star in his upcoming remake of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!. Then the news hit that Brad Pitt was looking to headline Inglorious Bastards. Yesterday, news broke about Corey Feldman's potential involvement in the film, as well as the fact that Eli Roth had signed up to play a baseball bat wielding Nazi hunter. Well, this morning, Telegraph UK announced that Quentin has signed Britney Spears up for the role of Varla in his remake of Russ Meyer's trashy 1965 cult classic Faster, Pussycat!

The film revolves around three sexy stripers that head out into the desert. Spears will play a character that takes a young couple hostage, killing the boyfriend with her bare hands before going on terrorizing the girlfriend. It is reported that Spears will also have a lesbian affair that ends in a blood-splattered climax.

At this time, the film does not have a set start date. It is reportedly the next film Tarantino is to shoot after he finishes work on Inglorious Bastards.