Cloverfield fans will be able to take the monster home with them in the semi-near future.

Hasbro has announced it will be releasing a Cloverfield monster figure that will be a "highly detailed representation of the beast," according to the Hasbro press release.

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"Hasbro is very excited to be working with Paramount and Bad Robot to bring to market a piece of the film for fans and collectors," said Brian Goldner, COO of Hasbro, Inc. "The fan buzz on this film has been terrific and we are happy to take part in the excitement."

The figure will stand 14 inches tall and will come with two interchangable heads - one depicting a calm face and the other an agitated face - and it even comes with the head of the Statue of Liberty as well.

You can pre-order the toy now from, but don't expect to get it soon, or for it to be cheap. While the pre-order starts today, the Toy Shop site states that the item won't ship until September 30, and that the price tag is a lofty $99.99.