We weren't supposed to see Hasbro's full line-up of Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys until September. But the catalogue has leaked, and we now have the digital booklet for you to flip through here. It reveals all of the fun toys coming our way this fall, and is accompanied by new promo art. There are a few secrets, and maybe even some MAJOR SPOILERS if you look hard enough. We get a better look at the characters and vehicles that will be making up this first wave of action figures and accessories. You'll notice some glaring omissions. The original trinity of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are nowhere to be seen. And we still don't get to see the characters played by Lupita Nyong'o and Max von Sydow. So, rest assured, this isn't a full blown out reveal for all things Star Wars: The Force Awakens related. But it's pretty neat for fans of the franchise and toy collectors alike.

While Star Wars: The Force Awakens doesn't hit theaters until December, everyone can start living the fantasy and adventure that awaits on September 4, as Force Friday ushers in a whole new tsunami of Star Wars: The Force Awakens branded merchandise into stores across the country. Director J.J. Abrams and his team at Disney and Lucasfilm have been careful to slowly introduce each new character from the movie, with most included here already revealed in an official capacity. The film has been a key player at such pop culture events as Star Wars Celebration, Comic-Con 2015 and D23, with each appearance giving fans something new. That's not to say this digital catalogue isn't without a few surprises.

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Some of the imagery seen in the catalogue does reveal new plot points and some select key information about where Star Wars: The Force Awakens is heading. There is a lot to be gleaned from flipping through this neat catalogue, which should also strike a nostalgia chord in anyone who remembers the small toy booklets that used to come with the Kenner Star Wars vehicles. We get to see some of the biggest products that Hasbro has planned for the September launch. There is everything from Nerf guns, to electronic voice changers, customizable lightsabers and even a Chewbacca Furby. You'll surely want to start your Christmas present wish list early once you finish pouring over this merch.

The first wave of action figures might disappoint fans hoping for some big reveals. The catalogue only includes the name of the characters and nothing else. There are no big revelations to be found. Of note are two versions of Rey, played in the movie by Daisy Ridley, with one labeled 'Starkiller Base' and the other labeled 'Jakku', which hints that the young desert scavenger will find her way onto General Hux's (Domhnall Gleeson) space station. We do get to see the Resistance trooper uniforms for the first time. And a Jakku denizen known as Constable Zuvio, though we get no further information about his place in the story. There are also a couple of never-before-seen aliens that come packed with the BB-8 droid figure.

The page that shows Poe Dameron's black X-Wing is important in that it also includes BB-8. This hints that the droid belongs to Dameron, and not Rey, as some expect. We also get to see the black X-Wing engaged in battle on a snow planet. It isn't known where or how that plays into the story though. There are also some images here that show the original trilogy characters in their earlier guises. Some speculated that the presence of Darth Vader in the action figure line hinted at a flashback, but he is just part of the original trilogy line-up of toys being included with the Force Friday launch. Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2D2 do get new figures though, appearing as they will in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

While we've already seen Harrison Ford's Han Solo in the second trailer that was released and other photos, some may find it weird that his figure was not revealed. As it stands, LucasFilm and Disney are using Force Friday as a way to introduce the new characters, so that audiences are familiar with them by the time the movie rolls around at Christmas time. They will be kept in the spotlight until the film is released in theaters. Here is the official PR released earlier this year for Force Friday:

blockThe next generation of Star Wars toys, collectibles, books, and apparel is in range. StarWars.com is thrilled to announce that Star Wars: The Force Awakens products will land in our galaxy on September 4, 2015, at 12:01 a.m. - "Force Friday" - with stores around the world opening their doors at midnight for a special celebration of all things Star Wars. It will be a day long remembered. Said Josh Silverman, executive vice president, global licensing, Disney Consumer Products.

"Every lightsaber, every action figure, every LEGO set tells a story for generations of Star Wars fans, and this global event is a celebration of those stories. We're excited to be part of the countdown to this enormous movie moment."

Fans wanting to be the first to get their hands on Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise can set their hyperspace and social media coordinates now: They will be able to visit their local retailer starting at midnight on September 4, and are encouraged to document their experience using the hashtags #ForceFriday and #MidnightMadness. A wide-range of products - from toys and collectibles, to books and comics, ebooks and apps, to apparel and lifestyle accessories - will be available at mass retailers and Disney Store locations worldwide, as well as on DisneyStore.com./block

Hasbro Force Friday Catalog