Hasbro is looking to expand its Hollywood presence as more of the toy company's brands are being looked at as possible movies, or even TV shows. The Transformers franchise has proved to be worth billions, and G.I. Joe is already being reimagined with Snake Eyes set to arrive later this year. Now, Entertainment One is digging into the Hasbro treasure chest to see what other brands might be worthy of adaptations.

Entertainment One, stylized as eOne, was purchased by Hasbro earlier this year for $3.8 billion. The company has produced projects Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, 1917, Judy, The Walking Dead and Peppa Pig. Now, they're looking at Hasbro brands that haven't yet been tapped as franchises. While it's unclear what direction or form these potential projects will take, Dungeons & Dragons, Power Rangers and Action Man were mentioned by Pancho Mansfield, eOne's president of global scripted programming at the recent UK Screenings event. Mansfield had this to say.

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"We're just wrapping our arms around it and we're excited to begin. We're going to continue doing what we're doing and we have this great treasure chest of IP and worlds to bring to life. You know what has a following and then you try to find the right visionary. We're meeting with all kinds of writers to make sure we have the right approach for whatever the piece is. There are some central brands we will be focused on."

Several of the properties mentioned, such as Dungeons & Dragons and Power Rangers, already have new movies in the works. Action Man, meanwhile, would be a new addition. Hasbro controls tons of popular brands, Furby, GoBots, Mr. Potato Head and Beyblade, just to name a few. Barbie and Monopoly have movies in the works already, and My Little Pony has been successfully expanded across various media platforms. But there could be room for further projects.

The idea seems to be that eOne will develop properties and Hasbro, via its own Allspark Pictures, will cut deals with studios to bring them to life. Transformers is set up at Paramount, for example, while Sony (and now possibly Netflix) is working on the Masters of the Universe reboot. Noel Hedges, eOne's executive vice president of acquisitions, explained that the Hasbro deal is about providing stability.

"In order for a distribution business to be healthy, it has to acquire and support the in-house projects and put its hand to a myriad of different types of IP. It gives us a perception of stability, nowadays people want to work with companies that aren't going to disappear. If it's a solid presence, then you're going to get longevity and support."

Outside of whatever new projects spring up, it was recently revealed that Hasbro has two new Transformers movies in the works, one of which is said to be based on Beast Wars. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further developments are brought to light. This news comes to us via Deadline.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott