HatcH debuted its inaugural audio visual arts festival in Bozeman, Montana on Thursday night, September 9th, with a screening of Rick Schroder's Black Cloud at the Ellen Theater in historic downtown.

The 4-day festival takes a new approach to "hatching" fresh new artists and invigorating the work of experienced creators. A mix of concerts, screenings, parties, panel discussions, networking events and awards, the festival introduces HatcH and exposes participants to panel and jury members that include performers, directors, editors, production execs and others including: Peter Fonda, Jeff Bridges, Michael Keaton, Rick Schroder, Bill Pullman, Margot Kidder, Scott Chestnut, Jessica Mecklenburg, Diane Cairns, Tom Boland, John Dahl, Jim Brubaker, Huntley Ritter and Christopher Cain.

On the agenda are various student films and other screenings, including the premier of Curtiss Clayton's Rick, starring Billi Pullman and a special screening of Ulee's Gold, introduced by Peter Fonda. John Dahl, director of Rounders and Joy Ride both screens his brand new film, The Great Raid, and gets his star on Bozeman's main street -- alongside Peter Fonda's. Separately, Peter Fonda will be presented with the Gary Cooper Spirit of Montana Award by Jeff Bridges.

For the full agenda, CLICK HERE

While it may be too late for many of you (unless you reside in or around beautiful Bozeman, Montana) to attend this year, you can check out the festival's web site and, perhaps, toss the fest on your schedule for next year. Unlike Sundance, this festival shows up before the snow that might keep the fair-weather types at home.

The festival is sponsored by Miramax Films, MGM Studios, Carmike Cinema, Sony Music / BMG, Stafford Films, Right Now Technologies and a host of local businesses.

Be sure to check it out.

Dont't forget to also check out: The Great Raid, Rounders, Joy Ride