ArieScope Pictures and Dark Sky Films have hired BJ McDonnell to direct Hatchet III, which will serve as his directorial debut.

BJ McDonnell worked with writer-director Adam Green on Hatchet and Hatchet II as a camera operator. It is said that Adam Green will work closely with BJ McDonnell on the production. Here's what BJ McDonnell had to say about this horror franchise.

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"I've been with the Hatchet team from the very beginning and am honored and thrilled that Adam has handed me the reins on this third movie. I grew up watching horror films and like Adam Green, I'm a true genre fan at heart. I have been waiting for an opportunity like this to step up and make my directorial debut with something I love and know inside and out."

Aside from his work in the Hatchet series, BJ McDonnell has served as a camera operator on major Hollywood productions such as Battle: Los Angeles, The Darkest Hour, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and he is currently in production on One Shot in Pittsburgh.

No production schedule was released for Hatchet III yet.