If you haven't gotten a chance to see director Quentin Tarantino's revenge Western The Hateful Eight yet, you may not want to read any further. This story does contain some SPOILERS. Keep reading if you want to know what one star thinks happens next, following the brutal and bloody ending that barely leaves any characters alive.

An Agatha Christie-like mystery that's equal parts Clue, The Thing and Scooby Doo, The Hateful Eight manages to kill off all of its main cast with the exception of two men. The survivors are Samuel L. Jackson's Major Marquis Warren and Walton Goggins' Sherriff Chris Mannix. They are both wounded, and probably won't make it very far. Not only that, the wanted woman Daisy Domergue has promises that the rest of her gang will be arriving shortly to avenge her death.

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The movie ends on a shot of Warren and Mannix in shock over everything that has transpired. And it has left many wondering what might happen next. Walton Goggins has a pretty good idea, which he shared with Cinema Blend. His answer is his alone, and shouldn't be taken as Quentin Tarantino gospel. Walton Goggins actually wouldn't share some of his ideas, calling them private and personal. But he did have this to say about how he and his cast mates debated the ending and what transpires following the events seen in The Hateful Eight.

"There is one thing we did talk about, and that was, you know, who is the motherfucker who walks through this door [next]? Who's the first person to walk through this door and see everything that has happened in this room. And if you were to cast that actor, who would be the actor that could convey the entire experience that the audience just went through with just one look. These are conversations that us, the actors, the 'Haters' had, away from set. We were just laughing, tearing shit up, just talking about, and throwing names out. And my name was Bill Murray. If you had Bill Murray one week later, with decomposed bodies and he opened the door and saw everybody's body on the ground in this configuration, who could do that in a way that nobody else could, and that would be Bill Murray."

It's unlikely that we'll ever get an answer on film as to what happens to Warren and Mannix, though Quentin Tarantino may provided an update or continue the story in a comic book or novel. The maestro has two more films he plans to direct, and we don't see them being a sequel to this Western. But following his career as a film director, Tarantino does plan on writing books and plays. The ending that is in movie is not anything like the original ending, which changed after the script leak. About that, Walton Goggins revealed the following.

"The script was leaked, and it got out there and it was not a finished work, and Quentin was still in the process of finishing it, and so, he had to go through, as he has said, three drafts in order to really understand the story he was telling and how it was going to end, and so what we finished, what we filmed was the finished product, and what we read was an unfinished."

The original The Hateful Eight script was leaked on the Internet over a year ago, and contains the original ending. That draft is still floating around if you look hard enough. In that ending, the few remaining survivors all killed each other off during a crazy shoot out that was a little too similar to what we saw in Django Unchained. So, what do you think of Walton Goggins' idea?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange