There have been multiple reports about when director Quentin Tarantino will start shooting his revenge Western The Hateful Eight, including a May report that revealed shooting will begin this November in Wyoming, and a story from earlier this month that indicated production will start in January. Today, The Denver Post reports that principal photography will begin on December 8 in southwestern Colorado.

The state of Colorado has put together a $5 million incentive for Quentin Tarantino to bring his project to the state, beating out neighboring states Utah and Wyoming. Colorado's Economic Development Commission approved the incentive package earlier this morning, with state film commissioner David Zuckerman confirming that The Hateful Eight will be shot entirely in Colorado. Here's what he had to say in a statement.

"The whole movie's going to be shot here, exteriors and interiors. They're going to build it on a ranch."

Out of the film's $44 million budget, $15.9 million will be spent on payroll for a crew of 168 people, with another $9.35 million going towards other in-state expenses, including lodging. The $5 million rebate will represent 20% of the production's Colorado budget. The Hateful Eight will be the state's biggest production since the 1969 Western classic True Grit, starring John Wayne.

Pre-production is scheduled to begin early next-month, with shooting set to commence on December 8 at the Schmid Ranch on Wilson Mesa, which is located 10 miles southwest of Telluride. The 900-acre ranch is under a conservation easement, which means the production will have to return the land to its original condition after filming wraps.

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The Hateful Eight centers on group of Civil War veterans, bounty hunters and scoundrels who all come together in a small Wyoming town. The story is set during the winter, which means Colorado's snowy landscape will play heavily into the film. It is believed that this is why New Mexico, a state where many Westerns are shot, wasn't considered for The Hateful Eight, due to its desert climate.

While no cast members have been confirmed, we reported in July that the director plans on assembling the entire cast from his live reading of the screenplay. Those cast members include Bruce Dern (The Confederate), Samuel L. Jackson (The Bounty Hunter), Kurt Russell (The Hangman), Amber Tamblyn (The Prisoner), Walton Goggins (The Sheriff), Michael Madsen (The Cow Puncher) and Tim Roth (The Little Man) and James Remar. Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence is rumored to be in talks to join the cast, but that hasn't been confirmed yet either. Viggo Mortensen has also recently been rumored to star as the main villain, a ruthless gang leader. Due to the small cast, the production will not be calling upon any local residents for extras.