Two days ago, /is-terry-oquinn-wanted-for-lex-luthor-in-batman-vs-superman/We reported a rumor that Lost star Terry O'Quinn was DC Comics and Warner Bros. number one choice for Lex Luthor in Batman Vs. Superman. Now, Comic Book Movie is reporting that information as false.

According to their trusted source, Terry O'Quinn was never up for the role. The Following's James Purefoy was being considered, but the actor walked away, stating that he wasn't interested in taking on the part.

That's not all, though! It's also being reported that The Flash will be in the movie. He will only appear as Barry Allen in a cameo, and will not be featured in his costume. Warner Bros. wants Arrow's Grant Gustin, who is starring as the character in a three episode arc on the CW show with the hopes of a spin-off, to also play Barry in Batman Vs. Superman. This all depends, though, on how audiences respond to his take on the character on the small screen. This coincides with a previous story where Stephen Amell dropped hints of his own that he will be reprising Green Arrow on the big screen in Justice League.

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Are Warner Bros. and DC really planning to tie their small screen and big screen universes together? That's not what we hear...

The latest story goes onto confirm that Wonder Woman is also in the current draft of the screenplay, though she will not be seen in costume, and will only be referenced as Diana. They also went onto offer this detailed description of the Lex Luthor we will be seeing in the movie.

"Lex Luthor isn't gonna be focusing on real estate, like he has in past Superman films. This time, Lex's motivations will be rooted on his belief that Superman is not good for mankind. The Lex that you will see, will resemble characteristics from Grant Morrison's All-Star Superman, which was made into a full-length animated feature in 2011. (Again, this indicates that there is going to be a tie-in between DC's live action and animated universe, something else we've heard is false.)

[Lex Luthor is] the pride of Metropolis. The people love him, he's been helping out a lot. Even Lois thinks he's a good guy initially. He is a very smart man and has a lot of charisma.

Lex likes to dabble in "fringe" science. This is the side of him the people of Metropolis do not see. In one particular scene, Lex will ask his LexCorp scientists if they can recreate Kryptonian armor. Lex says to them, "When the world realizes what he truly is, they will need someone to stand up to him." When one of scientists ask if he is that someone, Lex replies, "Is there any other person who can?"

CBM offer the following video as an example of the Lex we might see on screen summer 2015. You'll notice that he isn't as old as previous big screen portrayals of the character.

Lastly, it is being said that Wonder Woman and Bruce Wayne's love interest are two very different characters, and that producers are seeking an African-American for the part. Actresses are coming in to read opposite Ben Affleck later this week.

Hmm, maybe they liked our idea of Kerry Washington for the part back when we did our /5-girlfriends-for-batman-in-man-of-steel-2/5 Girlfriends for Batman story in September.

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