The lead up to the eventual release of Infinity War was an intense one for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and especially for fans of Hawkeye. Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton was not present in any of the promotional material for the epic team up movie and it really started to stress some hardcore Hawkeye fans out in a major way, which led to some pretty funny memes as well as some fan art. However, one of the best pieces to come out of that turbulent time was a reimagined Infinity War poster with only Thanos and Hawkeye replacing every other character on the original, which a movie theater mistakenly used to promote the movie.

A Reddit user took a picture of a movie theater in Antwerp, Belgium that was using the all Hawkeye poster for Infinity War. Sure enough, it's right there and it's pretty hilarious to see all of the Hawkeyes, especially since he's not even featured in the movie, save for one mention. While some of the comments on the image in Reddit laughed at the mistake, others revealed that their local theaters actually made the same mistake, which goes to tell you just how awesome this fan-made Infinity War poster really is.

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How the movie theater got their hands on this fan-made Infinity War poster is unknown, but as previously noted, they're not the first to use it. It's entirely possible that a clever theater worker put the poster up on purpose as a joke, but it really seems that it was an honest mistake in all of the cases of the all Hawkeye poster being used, which is even weirder. How did this all Hawkeye poster end up on display in a Belgian movie theater?

And who is behind the awesome Hawkeye only Infinity War poster? The artist is of course the extremely talented BossLogic who makes all kinds of exceptional alternate artwork for fans. When there's a rumor that an actor is going to portray a certain character, nine times out of ten, BossLogic whips something up really quickly that imagines that actor as the character. For instance, it's rumored that Joaquin Phoenix is going to play the Joker, so BossLogic is the one behind that epic piece of artwork that nearly every story uses when writing about that project.

While Hawkeye was not featured at all in Infinity War, he will have a large part in the upcoming Avengers 4 along with Ant-Man, who was also left out of the previous movie. Although Paul Rudd's Ant-Man was not featured in any of the promotional artwork for Infinity War either, MCU fans weren't as vocal as they were about the absence of Hawkeye, which is more than likely because he is one of the original six Avengers. Either that or MCU fans don't really like Ant-Mann all that much. You can check out the all Hawkeye poster on display at the Belgian movie theater at Reddit.