Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige recently revealed that there will not be any big announcements concerning the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 4 until 2019's San Diego Comic Con. However, Feige has been dropping some small clues as to what fans can expect when the announcement is made, which could be about a standalone movie for Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye. Infinity War left Hawkeye on the sidelines along with Ant-Man, but they will both have significant roles in the upcoming Avengers 4. Will we get a Hawkeye standalone film when phase 4 of the MCU comes around?

MCU Cosmic reported a few days ago that Marvel Studios was considering a standalone movie for Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye. In the initial report, it stated that Marvel was talking about the possibility of some different characters for solo films, one of which was Hawkeye. It also emphasized that the solo movies would focus on "different incarnations of the characters," which could point to Hawkeye on its own. The report reads.

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"I was told was that Marvel has ideas for a couple of different characters to do some kind of solo film in the future. One of these characters was Hawkeye. And Kevin Feige's comments of different incarnations of characters coincides with what I was told about Hawkeye. I won't say anymore because, again, it's not something that is likely to happen for a long time if at all, but it's definitely something that is on Marvel Studios' radar."

Kevin Feige spoke at the Produced in 2018 conference over the weekend and revealed that the MCU will be bringing "continuing stories of characters," while also adding that they will be different versions of characters that we're already familiar with in Phase 4. Additionally, Feige stated that there will also be some brand-new characters introduced that only fans of Marvel Comics will know. The Marvel Studios boss was obviously tight-lipped about anything else, but those are some pretty intriguing bits of information.

So, where does Hawkeye fit into all of this? For one thing, there's a different version of the character, named Ronin, who we may or may not see in Avengers 4. Jeremy Renner was spotted on the Atlanta set in robe covering most of his suit, but the parts that were able to be seen hint at Ronin appearing in the movie. That being said, Marvel Studios is already developing a Black Widow standalone movie for Phase 4, so this report could be on to something with Hawkeye being next.

The real question about the possibility of a standalone Hawkeye movie is: will anybody want to see it? There was a big uproar around the idea of Hawkeye not being in Infinity War and there's a bunch of excitement about his return for Avengers 4, but will MCU fans be interested in a movie where Clint Barton is the main focus? For now, we'll just have to wait and see. You can read more about the possibility of a Hawkeye standalone film over at MCU Cosmic.

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