Ryan Reynolds has responded in the wry way that only he can to the ongoing rumors that he will be either reprising the role of Green Lantern in director Zack Snyder's upcoming cut of Justice League, or taking on the role of Hawkman in The Rock's , or taking on the role of Hawkman in The Rock's Black Adam movie.

Ryan Reynolds Hawkman tweet
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Fans have been gossiping for some time about the actor returning in his frequently mocked CGI suit for the Snyder Cut, with others even theorising that Ryan Reynolds will indeed appear at some stage in the DC cinematic universe, but as a different character altogether. Sadly, the actor's quippy response is sure to disappoint many, as the Deadpool star seemingly suggests that he has not been involved in The Snyder Cut or Dwayne Johnson's long-awaited Black Adam. He does however keep the fire burning with the suggestion that he may already be in the former...

Along with the rumors of the arrival of Green Lantern in the upcoming Snyder Cut, there have also been suggestions that other beloved characters such as The Atom and Martian Manhunter are also set to make an appearance.

The theatrical version of 2017's Justice League begins with the villainous Steppenwolf and his Parademons setting out to take over the Earth. However, Batman seeks the help of Wonder Woman to assemble and recruit Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman to thwart this powerful new enemy. It is likely that, while The Snyder Cut will follow this general outline, his vision of the movie will involve a lot of changes.

The director recently released a short clip debuting Superman in his iconic black suit, something which had been rumored for some time. The director has also said recently that he will not be using a single frame from replacement director Joss Whedon's version of the movie, with Snyder saying, "I'd destroy the movie before I use a single frame that I didn't photograph." Snyder then doubled down on his uncompromising approach adding, "That is a f-ing hard fact. I'd blow the f-ing thing up."

It was also recently reported that Snyder is working on the cut of Justice League for free, demonstrating that the director's dedication to the project knows no bounds. Ryan Reynolds meanwhile has several projects coming up, which includes the Pokémon Detective Pikachu star teaming up with Dwayne Johnson for Netflix's upcoming big-budget thriller Red Notice. Set in the world of international crime, INTERPOL issues a Red Notice, a global alert to hunt down and capture the world's most wanted art thief. Reynolds will be taking the role of the world's greatest con-man, with Gadot on board to play the art thief, whilst Johnson will star as the INTERPOL agent, and world's greatest tracker, sent to bring her in.

Reynolds will be teaming up with the streaming giant again for a currently untitled time travel movie that Reynolds has been working on with filmmaker Shawn Levy. The movie was originally titled Our Name Is Adam, and whilst not confirmed, it has been reported that the plot will focus on an astronaut who travels back in time and works with his younger self. This comes to us courtesy of Ryan Reynolds' official Twitter account.