Star Wars: Episode III: Hayden Christensen, who plays the ill-fated 'Anakin Skywalker' in the next Star Wars film, recently spoke with the Toronto Sun about the movie:

Does the young man who-would-be-Darth-Vader do that in the upcoming Star Wars finale? RELATED: George Lucas Shares His Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Plans and Why It Didn't Happen

"Yes," he said with a laugh yesterday in an interview at the Four Seasons Hotel. "You'll hear the breathing." He paused, then added, "I might get in trouble just for saying that. I do get to finalize my character arc, and where that ends up most people know."

Meanwhile, Samuel L. Jackson has been talking about the film over at Tiscali Entertainment:

"I don't mind dying, just as long as I don't go out like some punk".

"Yeah it was hard work, a lot harder than before."

"You get what you ask for sometimes, and it's... ah, damn! So, I ended up in Australia, and then I guess I had to rehearse for 8 days before I actually shot it, and learned a 137-move sabre fight. It was crazy."

So who is it that does you in?

"I can't tell you that! Now, that I can't tell you!"

There are rumours floating around the 'Net that Mace gets stabbed in the back by Anakin?

"Nah, it's full frontal".