Star Wars: Episode III: During his recent rounds of interviews promoting his new film Shattered Glass, actor Hayden Christensen mentioned his enthusiasm about the looming release of Star Wars: Episode III:

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Hayden was on the Today show on Saturday morning talking about his new movie. At the end of the interview, Hayden explained that the lightsaber fight at the end of Episode III will be incredible and how it has a story intertwined in it.

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After Attack of the Clones was met with a somewhat lukewarm reception, we asked Christensen whether he expected this one would be more popular. "I hope so. There's no question that there was an excitement on this film that wasn't as prominent on the last, particularly George's approach, [which] was much more hands on this time around as far as how much he wanted to relate motivation and sort of the things that actors like to talk about. And just the inherent art of what Anakin's journey is was more enthralling than the last and there was more for me to sink my teeth into and that final transition is one for the books. It'll be a neat film, definitely."