During a recent press conference with Hayden Panettiere to promote the August 28 DVD/HD-DVD release of Heroes: Season 1, Panettiere gave us some thoughts on what scenes might really stand out in the next generation format.

Is there anything on the DVD, perhaps a scene that you think looks fantastic in that format or high definition?

Hayden Panettiere: Oh gosh, you get to see up close and personal how beautiful Sendhil (Ramamurthy) really is. (Laughs) I think the blood and the guts would look even more... uhhhh... oh my gosh, I can't imagine. I think there's so many special effects. There's so many really cool shots in the backgrounds, in just the scenery, that is incredible. New York City and just those skylines. We did some blue screen too and I'm sure that looks insane. I could see the blood and the guts and hurling myself off the gravel towel being pretty cool to watch in high def.

Heroes: Season 1 comes to DVD stores everywhere August 28 on DVD/HD-DVD.