Hayley Atwell is currently shooting the highly anticipated Marvel Comics adaptation Captain America: The First Avenger, in which she will play the iconic role of Peggy Carter opposite Chris Evans's World War II hero Steve Rogers. The actress recently caught up with Scotland's Sunday Herald, where she revealed more details about the woman she will be portraying on screen:

"I likened her character to that famous Ginger Rogers quote. She can do everything Captain America can do, but backwards and in high heels. She's an English soldier through and through, although she always looks fabulous. She might stand there with a machine-gun shooting Nazis, but she's obviously gone to the loo beforehand and applied a bit of lipstick. She doesn't need to be rescued. That's exciting to me - her strength."
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About working with co-star Tommy Lee Jones, who plays Col. Chester Phillips in this upcoming adventure, she stated:

"We do a lot of scenes together. He's lovely. He sat there in silence, then said [Atwell adopts Jones' gravelly voice]: 'D'you like opera?' I said no, so he sat there talking to me about opera for an hour, then writing lists of books I have to read and films I have to see."

Hayley also revealed more about working with her other cast mates:

"Chris Evans invited us all to the Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World premiere, and that ended up being a night of drinking and party games back at Chris's house. Stanley Tucci loves his food, so he's very proud of taking us to good restaurants and explaining the art of Italian cooking and fine wines, and through him we met Emily Blunt and her circle of friends, because everyone in this business knows each other. But I've also been having 5am starts every day, so I've been careful about when and how often I go out so it doesn't affect the work, because I'm not a morning person."

About the fame headed her way after the film opens, Hayley said:

"I'm ready for it. I've got six or seven months before Captain America: The First Avenger comes out, where I can lead a normal life and prepare myself. If any changes do happen, I can go with it and enjoy the ride. It's hard to prepare because you don't know what will happen. But I'm not scared of it. I'm open to whatever comes my way and hope I've got the tools to deal with it. I've certainly got enough people kicking me up the arse, my Glaswegian cousins for one. They say, 'You looked rubbish on TV last night,' or, 'What were you thinking?' They're brutal. But when they like something it's probably good. I don't think you can be successful in this job without having the attention or media interest that comes with a big production like Captain America: The First Avenger . I wouldn't have taken the job had I not wanted or accepted that was part of it."

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