Cable maverick HBO is pulling out all the stops with it's August 15th release of Rome: The Complete First Season.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, it appears that the company has been working on the supplemental features for the DVD release for almost two years.

According to Sofia Change, HBO Video's VP of marketing, this is "the most extensive amount of bonus features produced for an HBO original series."

Some of the bonus features include two Shot x Shot featurettes which gives viewers "making-of footage" for such things as "a gladiator sequence and another for the scene celebrating Caesar's triumph." The Rise of Rome explains how all aspects of the city were recreated for the show.

Other features include When in Rome which takes an in-depth look at Roman Culture, while Friends, Romans, Countrymen gives viewers some insightful character overviews.

In addition to all of this, "the disc also includes eight audio commentaries with cast members, creator Bruno Heller and other filmmakers."

HBO is even breaking new ground with the packaging. To recreate the "program's ancient Roman feel," the company "is creating a special pack made of an ultra-lightweight wooden substrate never before used for a home video release."