HBO is about to add some adult-sized comedy to its roster. According to Variety, the network's new president Sue Naegle, who just officially started at the channel on Monday, has picked up Hung, a project written by The Riches creator Dmitry Lipkin and his wife Colette Burson.

The dark comedy series will focus on a well-endowed man who used to be a sports star in high school and is now fading into mediocrity in his middle-aged years as a father and high school basketball coach. His life starts to turn around when he finds out a way to use his best, private-part asset.

Burson also wrote for husband Lipkin's The Riches and has also written and directed Coming Soon with Ryan Reynolds and Mia Farrow.

"Think of him like Spider-Man," Burson said. "He's an average guy who gets in touch with his innate super powers." Lipkin called the series, "a comedy with a lot of heart."