One of HBO's hit programs is just what the doctor ordered. According to Variety, HBO has renewed the drama In Treatment for another season. The experimental show will undergo some changes in format next year though.

The series, based on an Isreali series of the same name, was rolled out in 43 half-hour segments running Monday through Friday. It appears that they're scaling the production back a tad, though, as the network is expected to pick up 35 episodes for this new season.

Production is also being moved from Los Angeles to New York, where series star Gabriel Byrne resides. A new supporting cast will also be needed, as it seems that Byrne's Dr. Paul Weston's patients from the first season will not be returning, except for possible cameos. Casting for the new roles has not yet begun.

The new season will begin production in the fall, but it is not clear when the second season will air.