In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, it looks like when In Treatment comes back on HBO in April the show will be "clustered."

Two shows will come on Sundays while three will air on Mondays.

"People like to dig in and watch more than one at a time," stated HBO entertainment president Sue Naegle

HBO is also bringing back The Life and Times of Tim.

It also seems that Big Love will be going in a new direction on January 18.

"In the first year of the show we were constantly getting notes from HBO saying, 'Slow it down a bit, you're burning through story way too fast, you're going to come up to a third year and have nothing to write about,' " offered producer Mark Olsen. "There's some merit to that. What we've done is slowed down the backstory a little bit."

In addition to this, actor Danny McBride will star in Eastbound and Down for HBO. The show is produced by Will Ferrell.

"We weren't really happy with the way the South was portrayed in a lot of film and television," he stated. "It seemed like it kind of stopped at Hee Haw. We want to find new things to make fun of in the South."