According to Variety it looks like HBO, Paramount Pictures and Robert Evans will be telling the story of Sidney Korshak.

Korshak was a Chicago attorney who came to Hollywood and created relationships with politicos, labor leaders, showbiz types and the underworld. He used his considerable clout to "fix" various situations in Hollywood.

HBO bought the Vanity Fair article "The Devil and Sidney Korshak" which was written by Nick Tosches.

Robert Evans will be producing the project from a script by Art Monterastelli.

"You can't tell this story in just two hours," stated Evans.

Sidney Korshak died in 1996

"This will be the saga of what the New York times once called the most powerful man in the country, and yet he was a total mystery," Evans continued. "I consider him the godfather's godfather, but he never had a misdemeanor and died a totally innocent man. He didn't have an office; everything was done from the corner table at the Bistro in Beverly Hills, and everything was in his head."