It may not be supported by as many studios and even the early adopters appear tentative but HD-DVD has emphatically beaten Blu-ray in the release department.

According to Home Media Retailing, "a trickle of early adopters came to buy, even though only three movies currently are available."

Those movies are HD versions of The Last Samurai, Phantom of the Opera and Serenity. More movies will become available in the new format in the coming weeks.

Toshiba is currently shipping 10,000 players. According to Toshiba Marketing VP, Jodi Sally, "Retailers who have received players to date have reported very positive sales. I am very pleased to see the demand for high-definition content being fulfilled to the early adopters with our HD DVD players."

There weren't any first-day sales numbers.

Lastly, mega-retailer Wal-Mart has started taking pre-orders of "the cheaper of the two Toshiba players, the HD-D1, on its Web site," and it expects to have those players available on April 21.

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