Like everything else in the industry, HD-DVD is looking to utilize the internet.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, the next generation format is looking to "take advantage of its players' built-in Internet connections."

Freedom, Vol. 1, which comes out today will be the first HD-DVD disc to take advantage of this internet option. "Buyers who connect their HD-DVD player to a broadband Internet line will be able to download a high-definition trailer for another movie, change menu styles and download additional subtitles."

Things get turned up a notch with the HD-DVD release of 300. It "will allow users to re-edit the movie, selecting and ordering the scenes as they see fit, and upload their edit to a server hosted by the studio, Warner Bros. The edit will be accessible to other users, who can download it to their players and see the movie in its new form."

Blu-ray will not have this feature as the units that play those discs can't connect to the internet.

Kevin Rollins, "Microsoft Corp.'s director of HD DVD evangelism," didn't put much stock into Blockbuster's recent decision to put more Blu-ray discs into their stores. He claims that there's "stronger momentum now because owners of Sony's PlayStation 3 game console are buying Blu-ray movies because there aren't enough games out for the device. The focus of buyers will switch back to games when more become available, he said."