Thus far in the format war, it seems that HD-DVD might be winning over Blu-ray.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, the format that came to market first is outselling it's competitor. This findings come from a report by "the North American HD DVD Promotional Group."

It seems "consumers who bought one of the new Toshiba high-def disc players, which came on the market in April, have bought an average of 8.4 HD DVD discs each."

In August it seems that HD outsold Blu-ray by 3 to 1.

In addition to these findings the research "projects that the average HD DVD household will own more than 28 HD DVDs after one year, about twice the buy rate of DVD at its peak."

Lastly, The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift "became one of the fastest-selling HD DVDs, selling through 30% of its inventory its first day in stores."