In some not-so-shocking news, it seems that Blu-Ray's lead over HD DVD in player sales is widening.

High-Def Market Share

According to a story from The Digital Bits, which cites data from the NPD Group, that sales for high-definition players have certainly been affected by the news that Warner Brothers will go Blu-Ray exclusive later this year. However, the data does not reflect Playstation 3 or the HD DVD add-on for the XBox 360 sales.

From the end of December through the first two weeks of January, Blu-Ray has gained about a 9% of the market share for high-definition players. However, the overwhelming numbers come from the week-to-week comparision of the first two weeks in January, before and after the Warner announcement. In the first week of January, the week ending January 5, the sales were about 50/50, with Blu-Ray taking a slight 51.17% to 48.83 lead. In the second week of January, right after the Warner announcement, the Blu-Ray share of the market skyrocketed to 92.53%, with HD DVD accounting for a meager 7.47%.