The good news keeps coming for HD-DVD.

In a story from Home Media Magazine, they report that according to the HD-DVD Promotions group, sales of HD-DVD players have gone over 100,000 units.

This is "the first high-definition format" to accomplish that feat.

These numbers do "not include sales of HD-DVD PC drives or Microsoft's Xbox 360 HD DVD external drive."

With titles like The Complete Matrix Trilogy coming out on May 22 on HD-DVD, plus "more than 300 HD-DVD titles" being "available worldwide this summer" (and "additional titles slated for fall and holiday seasons"), as well as cheaper players coming into the fray, HD-DVD appears to have gotten a much needed shot in the arm.

"Toshiba remains committed to drive sales with strategic pricing and marketing to complement the rapid market adoption of HDTVs," stated Jodi Sally, the VP of marketing for Toshiba America Consumer Products. "Retailers are showing a significant increase in sales volume this month so far. On, our HD- DVD players continue to rank among the top 10 best sellers of all DVD players, which says a lot about how consumers relate to price."