Toshiba seems to be seeing some happy returns after dropping the prices of their HD-DVD players.

In a story from Video Business, it appears that "since Toshiba began offering a $100 instant rebate on HD-DVD players, sales have grown between fivefold and tenfold, depending on the retailer, said Jodi Sally, VP of marketing for Toshiba America Consumer Products."

"We're thrilled to see that consumers are, by far, choosing Toshiba's HD-DVD players as their source for high-definition," Sally says.

It all began on May 20, when "Toshiba began offering the rebate on select HD-DVD player models, effectively slashing the price on the bottom line HD-A2 model to $299."

After that, " cut the price even further, to as low as $238 over Memorial Day weekend. The lower price shot up the player to be the top-selling DVD player on the site."

In addition to this, "other retailers were selling the player for $299 on Tuesday, but comments on the AVS Forum reported seeing deals over the weekend from retailer Electronics Expo, which also sells players on"

Also, "Costco is selling the Toshiba HD-D2 (same as the HD-A2) for $249 with a free HDMI cable."

Lastly, certain retailers are trying to entice buyers with "free add-ons to promote the players." For example, "Value Electronics is selling the HD-A2 for $299 with a free HDMI cable and seven free HD-DVD movies."