In an in interesting development, it appears that HD-DVD has sold more units but Blu-ray is generating more money.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, the "research firm The NPD Group released early tracking data of the HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc launches at the DisplaySearch HDTV conference Aug. 15."

In looking at the different formats' first six weeks on the market, "HD-DVD player sales, which began in April, outsold Blu-ray players, which launched in June, by 33%."

However, "Blu-ray's first six weeks of launch, thanks to its higher-priced players, raked in 42% more revenue than HD-DVD hardware did during its first six weeks out."

Blu-ray's current singular player on the market is a $999 offering from Samsung.

Also, the report "compared the two formats' performance during a short time they have both been available, the six weeks ended July 29."

According to this time period, "Blu-ray led the next-generation market with a 54% share of hardware units sold and a 69% revenue share, according to NPD data."

In addition to this, "Blu-ray outsold HD-DVD the first half of those six weeks, the beginning of its launch to market. But HD-DVD outsold Blu-ray for the last three weeks."

Lastly, "the most broadly released HD-DVD hardware product is the Toshiba $500 player, which has sold five times more units than the $799 player, which has had a much more limited availability at retail, according to Toshiba."

In closing, "for that six-week snapshot, high-definition disc players made up a scant 0.4% of overall hardware units sold and 3.6% of revenue. During that period, sales of standard-definition DVD players made up 86.2% of unit sales and 65.6% of revenue. DVD recorder sales made up 13.4% of units and 30.7% of revenue, according to NPD."