HD-DVD players appear to be fine but it's the movies themselves that are causing some problems.

First off, in a story from Video Business, they say that The Last Samurai and Phantom of the Opera "were widely available."

However, it seems that Million Dollar Baby is being delayed. Also, it appears that Serenity discs haven't shown up in some stores.

"This would be amusing if I wasn't so scared that this is the way that [HD DVD] is going to be rolled out" said New England's Newbury Comics buyer Ian Leshin. "They're saying, 'It's coming, it's coming! But oops, see if you can find it.'"

In a related story from The Digital Bits, "The Last Samurai and Phantom of the Opera(both from Warner Home Video), are mastered on the discs are a substantially lower level than the audio on Universal's Serenity. We're talking well below reference level, on all audio options... beware that if you start with one of the Warner discs and adjust your system volume to a normal listening level, and then switch to Serenity, you run the potential risk of damaging your speakers."

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