David S. Goya is getting Masters of the Universe ready for production, which is heavily rumored to begin this spring. The director was revealed to be in talks with Sony late last year to helm the project and the new pictures are certainly promising, especially a new computer mock-up of a battle suit for Teela, which confirms her appearance in the long awaited Masters of the Universe reboot. Goyer appears to be pretty excited for the project, which is certainly a good sign.

The director posted two pictures of the He-Man movie in pre-production, which is the first bit of anything that we have seen thus far. director David S. Goyer is featured in the pictures alongside concept artist Carlos Huante (Hellboy, Star Trek Beyond). The first of two photos shows the duo staring over some concept art placed over a table, but it's not big enough to see just exactly what they're looking at. The second photo is more revealing, showing Huante at a computer with an image that is labeled as "Teela Battle Suit." This is the first confirmation that we've seen that involves any character returning besides He-Man.

The first of the 2 pictures was shared to David S. Goyer's Instagram account on December 14th, 2017, which was roughly 2 weeks after it had been revealed that he was in talks to helm the project. The second photo was posted a few days ago, which seems to confirm that the director is fully on board. In addition, Goyer and Carlos Huante previously worked together on Blade: Trinity. It's been a long time, but there is finally some steam behind the new He-Man project.

Omega Underground was the first to report that production of Masters of the Universe was to begin shooting this spring and these new images from David S. Goyer seem to solidify that something is happening as we speak, which leads us to believe that casting will be announced shortly. As far as where the production will take place, Europe seems like a safe bet, especially since Sony has had their last few projects filmed there, and Eastern Europe seems like it would make for an ideal Eternia. It will be interesting to see the direction that Goyer decides to take the movie, with many fans hoping that it goes back to the original cartoon series.

Sony still has a release date of December 18th, 2019, so things look to be on track to meet that deadline. However, the Masters of the Universe reboot has been talked about for years, so it wouldn't be surprising to see the movie get pushed back into sometime in 2020. There have not been any talks of casting that we know of, but that seems like the next step, assuming that the script is finished at this time. Regardless, it's just nice to finally see some momentum gathering for the Masters of the Universe movie. You can check out the two pre-production images below, courtesy of David S. Goyer's Instagram account.

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