We now have our first look at the CG-animated reimagining of a childhood favorite, as He-Man is given a stark makeover for Netflix's upcoming reboot He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. This first look comes courtesy of a new toy line that is being released in conjunction with the new series by Mattel.

The new promo image features a much a more cartoony looking He-Man, whose now over-sized toros is draped in heavy armor, with his now giant hand shown wielding a Sword of Power that has also doubled in size. Thankfully, his comparatively tiny head looks to still be sporting the blonde mullet that we all know and admire. The image also shows our first glimpse at He-Man's trusted feline friend, Battle Cat, whose armor has also been given a vicious new upgrade. Considering the more supposedly child-friendly design, the legendary warriors certainly look like a force to be reckoned with.

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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is the second series based on the beloved character to be released on Netflix. The series will be produced by Mattel Television and has a wealth of animated talent behind it with Adam Bonnett (Descendants), Christopher Keenan (Justice League, Batman Beyond), and Rob David (Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) serving as executive producers. Bryan Q. Miller (Smallville) will serve as series showrunner.

Netflix's new take on {{10} will follow Eternia's Prince Adam, who discovers the power of Grayskull, transforming him into He-Man, Master of the Universe. The series has officially been described by the streaming giant as "A reimagining of the classic animated series."

While the plan for He-Man and The Masters of the Universe is to be a more family-oriented show, with the CG-animated revival set to explore new storylines and different takes on the cherished characters, Netflix is also producing an adult-oriented anime series titled Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Directed by Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats) the series will act as a sequel to the original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe filmmation series from the 1980s. Smith will also serve as showrunner for the show while Powerhouse Animation (Castlevania, Blood of Zeus) are on board to handle the animation.

"And this year we go all the way. 2021 will be the first time the franchise has been supported with episodic content in nearly twenty years," Mattel said in a statement during their recent Virtual Analyst Day Meeting. "And now it's getting two separate series on Netflix. The first, legendary filmmaker Kevin Smith's contemporary reimagining, is called Masters of the Universe: Revelation and it already has incredible buzz. Here's a peek at what's coming... And we'll follow this with a new animated series, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - a fun reboot for kids, bringing in a whole new generation of enthusiasts."

The original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe remains a childhood favorite for so many, with the series still held very dearly, which will no doubt result in an emotionally charged response to the redesign. So, what do you think of He-Man's new look? This comes to us courtesy of Toy Ark.

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