For years, McG has been teasing us with the prospects of a live-action Masters of the Universe movie. It's still no closer to happening. And now it seems, a place called Money Super Market may have beaten them to the punch. The U.K. chain has released an insane live-action commercial that pulls Skeletor and He-Man directly out of the old animated cartoon, and allows them to have some really bizarre fun.

Perhaps this is what a Masters of the Universe movie should look like. I'd watch this for two hours. Most modern adaptations are too intent on updating and changing the looks of its cartoon or comic book characters. This stays true to what fans know, and it's done on the cheap. And guess what? It's epic and awesome, and may even make you smile. Perhaps just a little bit.

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Skeletor is one of the most iconic cartoon and action figure villains of all times. Tough, being part of a show aimed at youngsters, he never truly got to exact his revenge quite the way some of us may have liked. In this weird commercial, all the menace is gone as he dances down the street. But guess what? happy Skeletor is a little more frightening than when he's a bit on the grumpy side.

Money Super Market is located in the U.K. And it's a financial services company. In this spot, we see Skeletor brooding around what could be Snake Mountain. We learn that he's thinking about how he saved some bills having used Money Super Market's services. He's so excited, he steps out into his small European community where he begins street dancing to the theme from Fame. And this utterly confuses the locals. Some of which join in.

Along the way, He-Man gets a cameo, and shows off his powers. And there is even a kitten-sized version of Skeletor's pet Panthor.

It's not clear if Money Super Market acquired the rights to use these characters. Or if they're being so brazen as to call it parody. We're still due to get a live-action He-Man movie sometime in the near future. But there's no way it will be as cool as this. Perhaps McG should just hand over the reigns to whoever shot this. You can take a look at the spot here, courtesy of Youtube.