Elle Callahan's The Thing meets It Follows horror flick Head Count made my list of upcoming fright flicks to keep an eye on last year when it premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival to solid reviews. Hell, even lead actress Ashleigh Morghan snagged a win on a special jury prize for her performance. Not bad, eh? Well, if you're as intrigued as I am about this movie, then you'll be pleased as spiked-punch to hear today we've learned that we won't have to wait too much longer to check it out. Samuel Goldwyn Films has acquired North American rights to the motion picture and has plans set in motion to unleash the movie into a theater near you and on digital this June. Sweet.

Samuel Goldwyn's Miles Fineburg, who repped the deal with Derek Kigongo at Paradigm on behalf of the filmmakers, said in a recent statement.

"We were struck by the unique use of popular horror influences like The Thing and It Follows, melded with classic urban legends such as Bloody Mary. Elle Callahan has shown herself to be a smart new voice in the horror space, and we are excited to help bring it to audiences."

The Thing meets It Follows, you say? Melded with classic urban legends such as Bloody Mary, you tease? Okay, you got me, hook, line, and sinker. But, please, do go on. Based on a script from (The Toll, Flock of Four) screenwriter Michael Nader, Head Count is said to center on a group of teens who partake in a getaway to Joshua Tree. Once there, they exchange ghost stories (and most likely drugs and bodily fluids) around the campfire before reading aloud a mysterious chant from a website - which could only lead to good things as we all know by this point in time. From there - you guessed it - someone, or something, is among them. Cue a series of unsettling, inexplicable events which become more frequent, causing the group to slowly realizes that they - duh - accidentally summoned, and are about to be the victims of a shape-shifting creature targeting them to fulfill a deadly ritual. Happens every time.

Head Count stars the above-mentioned actress Ashleigh Morghan who is best known for Eric Amadio, John Singleton, and Dave Andron's Amazon Prime series Snowfall, along with writer-director Steven Caple Jr,'s The Land, and as a contestant on the reality TV series Are You the One?. Morghan's Head Count co-stars include Isaac W. Jay (Flock of Four), Bevin Bru (Private Sales), Tory Freeth (Maria My Love), Michael Herman (An Addicting Picture), Sam Marra (Shangri-La: Near Extinction), Billy Meade (Jane the Virgin), and Hunter Peterson (FML). Cooper Rowe (Talia in the Kitchen), Amaka Obiechie (The Mindy Project), and Chelcie May (Socially Awkward) round out the cast.

Sam Sandweiss (Team Marco) and Brandon Somerhalder (The Mad Whale) produced the movie while Hunter Peterson, Haoliang Harvey Zhang, Callahan, Eric B. Fleischman, and Lauri Apelian all served as the film's executive producers. Elle Callahan's horror flick Head Count is now all set to exchange ghost stories (and most likely drugs and bodily fluids) around the campfire at your local multiplex and on digital come June 14, 2019. This update comes to us via Deadline.

Mike Sprague at Movieweb
Mike Sprague