Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci have singed on to star in the drama Love Ranch. According to Variety, Taylor Hackford will be directing the project for Capitol Films.

The plot revolves around a husband and wife team that opens the first legal brothel in Nevada. The pair finds their relationship tested when infidelity seeps into their lives and causes sudden violent outbursts. Joe and Sally Conforte, the couple that opened the Mustang Ranch back in 1976, inspired the story.

Hackford stated, "Joe didn't have any desire to work, but he was the first person I had in mind to play the husband, this former cab driver who dreamed of making prostitution legal and carved out a tiny county and convinced the local politicians. He's playing the godfather of legalized prostitution, and it convinced Joe to jump back into the fire."

The movie will shoot in Albuquerque, New Mexico this January.