New Regency has acquired Aron Eli Coleite's pitch for Hellbent, which will be produced by Erwin Stoff, Michael Green, and Brad Weston.

Aron Eli Coleite (Heroes) will write the screenplay, which centers on a prison break with supernatural forces at play. We reported last month that Aron Eli Coleite sold another project entitled The End to Warner Bros.

Aron Eli Coleite and Michael Green are currently working on the ABC series The River, which will debut on February 7. Here's what Erwin Stoff had to say about bringing Hellbent to Brad Weston and New Regency.

"We were eager to get in business with the new configuration of New Regency, and Brad really got the pitch and has had success with genre movies. That made it the right place for the pitch."

No production schedule was given for Hellbent.