Celebrated director Guillermo Del Toro never for the chance to finish his Hellboy trilogy, with the franchise now destined to forever reek of missed opportunity, and leave a gaping hole in the comic book movie genre. Should the stars ever align though, one person who would jump at the chance to return for Hellboy 3 is actor Doug Jones, who did not play coy about his desire for a comeback.

"If they were to do such a thing, and I was offered that, and I was free to do so, hell yes. I would be involved."
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The first Hellboy movie made its debut back in 2004, detailing the origin of the titular demon before jumping ahead sixty years to follow Hellboy now serving as an agent in the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, where he protects America against dark forces. Hellboy was warmly received by critics and audiences alike, grossing nearly $100 million worldwide during its theatrical run. Thanks to this success, Del Toro was able to make the superior sequel Hellboy II: The Golden Army in 2008, which once again went on to achieve both critical and modest financial success.

Doug Jones portrays the character of Abe Sapien, an aquatic empath who works for B.P.R.D. alongside Hellboy, in both Hellboy and the sequel. Whilst the character was voiced by Frasier star David Hyde Pierce in the first movie, Jones provided the voice himself in the second, crafting one his most endearing characters to date. Sadly, despite each installments respective success, a third Hellboy never materialised (with the studio instead opting for last year's reboot) leaving the franchise with a sense of unfinished business. So, it is no wonder that Jones is so eager to return and complete the trilogy.

Del Toro himself has responded to the idea of a third Hellboy in the past, believing that the door has now closed. "What allowed the two films to exist, it's gone," he said earlier this year. "The Blu-ray DVD performance of the first Hellboy was massive. So big that Ben Feingold, at Columbia, went full-on on the sequel development. Ben was so impressed by those numbers that he made 'Hellboy' one of the very first Blu-rays from Columbia. Far as I can recall, the number for home video surpassed theatrical."

Another member of the Hellboy family that can't quite let it go is headline star Ron Perlman. "There's always a little ember, that lives deep within me, that says maybe one day Guillermo will wake up and go, 'You know what? F-ck, we need to finish this trilogy,'" the actor said in a recent interview. However, he did admit that there was a very slim chance of this movie ever being made saying, "But then, every time I see how busy he is and what he's engaging himself in, it doesn't seem like it's realistic. It doesn't seem like it's ever going to happen, but that doesn't prevent me from living in hope."

Abe Sapien is not the only comic book role that Doug Jones would love to play again, with the actor also stating that he would relish the chance to once again glide across the cosmos as The Silver Surfer. "If they were going to bring the Silver Surfer back to film, [if] it was offered to me, I would jump at the chance. I loved playing him," Jones said.

With fans continuing to cry out for a sequel to wrap up the Hellboy trilogy, it seems no one is ready to give up hope just yet. This comes to us from Comicbook.com.