If you frequent almost any movie site on the Internet, you know that Ron Perlman has been making a lot of noise about Hellboy 3 lately. He really wants to get the sequel made. While Guillermo del Toro's first two installments in the comic book franchise, Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army, were considered successful, Columbia Pictures, who released the first installment, and Universal Pictures, who released the second, have never green lit the third and final movie. But as fans grow louder, and Ron Perlman keeps banging his drum, it's possible we could see it happen before the end of this decade. Thing is, Ron Perlman doesn't really want to make Hellboy 3.

One reason interest in the property has been kept alive is because fans and journalists alike keep asking Ron Perlman about the prospective final chapter in his trilogy. It happens every time he goes out to promote a new project, and he always has a colorful answer that pulls attention back on the big red demonic beast who secretly keeps the world safe from paranormal threats with his team, the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. Ron Perlman clarifies just how much he personally doesn't want to make the movie, but he sees it as something that needs to be finished, especially for the fans. Speaking at the 2015 Television Critics Association press tour in support of his upcoming series Hand of God, the actor had this to say.

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"Let me make the record clear. I don't want to do Hellboy 3. It's a pain in the ass to put that makeup on and take it off. But I feel we're obligated to finish the story. That's it. End of conversation."

Ron Perlman has never been shy about expressing his true feelings towards wearing the make-up. The process has him sitting in a chair for multiple hours every morning and every night. But he loves his fans, and believes he owes this to those individuals who have supported and spent money on the franchise. But perhaps there just weren't enough of those fans. Hellboy II: The Golden Army did turn a profit, but barely. It pulled in $160 million worldwide off a $85 million budget, which seems descent enough, but that doesn't account for the millions spent on marketing costs. It's been almost eight years since the movie debuted, and home video earnings and other avenues of revenue have never been enough to convince Universal to give Hellboy 3 the green light. Even so, Ron Perlman promises he'll keep pushing for a movie until it happens. All the way to his grave.

"I got no problems with forcing the conversation, as you can tell. We're in the business of moving mountains. Those of us who are used to working in mainstream film and television. Don't come to me with details and problems. Just tell me how we move the mountain."

Hellboy 3 is going to be a massive spectacle the likes of which we are accustomed to seeing from Guillermo del Toro. And it will be served on a grander scale than the first two movies. The budget necessary for the director to realize his true vision is what has kept the movie from ever moving forward. That and the mounting pile of projects Guillermo del Toro currently has in his production pipeline. All involved with getting the sequel off the ground agree that it needs to happen sooner than later. Especially with Ron Perlman's age. At 65-years-old, the actor will be pushing 70 by the next time he steps in front of the camera in his full Hellboy get-up. That's fine with Perlman, who claims he'll shoot the movie even if he can't stand up any more. Why such determination if he doesn't even want to really make the movie?

"Because del Toro says: Put the makeup on, you can shoot me in a wheelchair and I'll still be Hellboy. I guess the only cutoff point is when they actually close the box. If you don't see me get up and go, 'Hang on, I was kidding,' then I'm still ready."

Right now, the only ones having the Hellboy 3 conversation is Ron Perlman and Guillermo del Toro. There has been no word on the studio getting involved at this point. Though, Legendary did make the bold claim that they will finance the movie if Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim 2 proves to be a gargantuan blockbuster hit. Will we ever get to see Hellboy 3? Maybe, but it will be at least 2020 before we do so.