At long last, our new Hellboy has been revealed. It was only several months ago that news broke of this upcoming Hellboy reboot, which is to be directed by Neil Marshall (The Descent) with David Harbour (Stranger Things) set to star in the titular role. Now, Lionsgate has released the very first image of Harbour as Hellboy and he looks mean, grizzled and all around pretty awesome.

The first photo of David Harbour from the upcoming reboot was released via the official Hellboy Facebook page. This new version, just as with Ron Perlman's version of the character in the Guillermo Del Toro Hellboy movies, looks very comics-accurate, but with some differences. Not that Perlman's version looked gentle, but this new take looks downright intimidating. It also looks as though some changes have been made to his signature arm and hair, which is now much longer and greasy. All in all, it does look pretty similar to what we've seen previously, but this is just one image. A lot more will be revealed once we get to see Harbour in action.

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There are those who really wanted to see Guillermo Del Toro finish his trilogy and make Hellboy 3, but that didn't come to pass. Instead, we are getting a completely new take, which is going to be more dark, gritty, likely R-rated and won't be an origin story, with creator Mike Mignola heavily involved in the production. This first look at the new Hellboy, though similar to the other live-action version, does hint at that darker, grittier tone.

Even though this Hellboy reboot was announced not all that long ago, things have been moving quickly. Production is expected to get underway soon and casting has been going on over the past several weeks. Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil) is set to play the villainous Blood Queen, Ian McShane (John Wick) is on board as Professor Bloom, with American Honey star Sasha Lane also recently joining the cast as Alice Monaghan. The most noteworthy casting came recently when Deadpool actor Ed Skrein was offered the part of Ben Daimio, but once fans became upset over whitewashing accusations, he walked away from the movie. Now, Daniel Dae Kim (Lost) has been brought in to replace him as a more accurate representation of the character from the comics.

Lionsgate has not yet set a release date for the reboot, which was originally going under the name Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, but the studio decided to change it simply to Hellboy, which is the exact same title as the first Guillermo Del Toro live-action adaptation. The movie it is expected to arrive sometime in late 2018. Be sure to check out the first official photo of David Harbour as Hellboy for yourself below.

Hellboy Reboot 2017 Photo