A brand new Hellboy motion poster is here to bring the darkness. We recently learned that the first trailer for the upcoming reboot is set to arrive later this week on Thursday. The trailer already screened at New York Comic Con, but now it's finally going to make its way online. To help tide fans over, star David Harbour has shared this epic new motion poster.

The prior posters have focused on Big Red in a much more close up fashion. This one, on the other hand, shows our titular hero from a distance atop a jaggedy rockface looking at some cloud cover that spells doom and gloom. Fiery lightning radiates toward the sky from Hellboy's sword, with his back turned toward us. David Harbour had this to say about the poster in the caption he provided on Instagram.

"Awwwww, crap... Look who's coming in April. No, not the 50% still left of the Avengers, hell, that's practically May... April 12th showers bring one Big Red Flower, beast of the apocalypse, The right hand of doom, the buttkicker of the BPRD, and a host of all kinds of big ole giants and witches and fairies and janky overgrown ugly pig monsters from your nightmares. Trailer drops Thursday #aboutdamntime #hellboy"

There's a little bit of shade thrown at Avengers: Endgame there, which recently bumped up its release date to April 26, 2019. And, no offense to Hellboy, but that's probably going to be the biggest movie of 2019, so this particular comic book adaptation has some serious competition very nearby. Not to mention that DC's Shazam comes out just a week prior. But this is going to be starkly different when compared to those two offerings.

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The Hellboy reboot isn't even going to resemble the previous two movies made by Guillermo del Toro. This is going to be an R-rated, blood-soaked, monster-filled nightmare. Instead of a tagline, this particular poster just has the word "darkness" plastered above the movie's logo. Director Neil Marshall (The Descent, Game of Thrones) previously revealed that they got to make the movie without "handcuffs on," meaning they didn't hold back on the violence when they deemed it necessary. Point being, while there will certainly be some crossover with the audience, both Shazam and Avengers: Endgame are going for slightly different demographics.

The previous two Hellboy movies, released in 2004 and 2008 respectively, grossed $259 million worldwide. By modern standards for a comic book movie franchise, that wouldn't be good for one entry, let alone two. Especially considering their relatively large budgets. That's why Lionsgate opted to go for a reboot instead of Guillermo del Toro getting to make his third movie and complete his trilogy. Will that decision pay off? We'll have a much better idea of that come Thursday when the trailer drops, which we'll be sure to bring you as soon as it's made available. Meanwhile, be sure to check out the new motion poster from David Harbour's Instagram below.

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