Ron Perlman starred as Hellboy from 2004 to 2008 in the original movie and Hellboy 2: Golden Army, both of which were directed by Guillermo del Toro. A third movie had been talked about for years, but it appeared as if the studio was uninterested in the third installment, which leads us to the brand new Hellboy reboot directed by Neil Marshall and starring David Harbour (Stranger Things) as the titular character this time around. Perlman recently took part in a Reddit AMA that was more of an Ask Me (Almost) Anything, as the actor refused to answer any questions about the Hellboy reboot.

During the AMA, Ron Perlman was asked what he thought about the upcoming reboot after Lionsgate released the first official images of David Harbour as Hellboy. Perlman responded.

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"I've made my peace with it... I refuse to answer any questions about it."

In all fairness, Ron Perlman has probably been answering the same questions about Hellboy since the reboot was announced a few months back and that has to get pretty damn old after a while. Comedian Patton Oswalt brought David Harbour and Ron Perlman together at a restaurant in June while Perlman passed the torch and offered words of encouragement.

Guillermo del Toro took to social media to talk about meeting with Perlman and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola to discuss a potential third collaboration, but later announced that the talks hadn't worked out and that it was back to the drawing board. A few months later, Mignola announced there would indeed, be a third Hellboy movie, but without the original cast and crew. The new reboot is being directed by Neil Marshall and costars Ian McShane, Milla Jovovich, and Daniel Dae Kim. Guillermo del Toro didn't seem to be too upset about the situation, adding that he was happy that he got to make two of the movies at all.

The project recently ran into some controversy due to the casting of English actor Ed Skrein as Japanese-American character Ben Daimio, which brought cries of white washing to the reboot. Skrein subsequently left the movie, stating that he was unaware of the character's heritage at first, and "to neglect this responsibility would continue a worrying tendency to obscure ethnic minority stories and voices in the arts." Shortly thereafter, it was announced that Korean-American actor Daniel Dae Kim had been cast in the part, putting the project back into high gear.

The new Hellboy reboot is said to fall more in line with Mike Mignola's original comic vision, which will see the movie with an R-rating. The reboot is also said to be more dark and gruesome like the comics. There was a release date floating around last week, but Lionsgate reached out to let everybody know that there is currently no official release date set for the Hellboy remake. While waiting for some more Hellboy news, check out Ron Perlman's Reddit AMA and check out his new show, StartUp on the Crackle service.