Selma Blair appeared in the first two Hellboy movies as Liz alongside Ron Perlman under the direction of Guillermo del Toro. Talks of the third movie were swirling for years until it was finally announced that the studio was starting fresh with a new director and cast, leaving many fans shocked and confused, including some of the actors. In a recent interview, Blair called del Toro's third movie, "the greatest third installment ever" while also stating that she's "heartbroken" that the movie never had a chance.

While speaking to CinemaBlend, Selma Blair opened up about her feelings on the new Hellboy reboot. While she admits to being "heartbroken" over the change, she is also hopeful in Hellboy creator Mike Mignola's vision of a darker version of the character will finally be achieved. She had this to say.

"God, you know, people are fans of Hellboy and also fans of Guillermo. So part of us, the ones that were so loyal to Guillermo, our hearts are broken that it didn't work out with the greatest third installment ever written that I wish I could play more than anything in the world. But I truly hope that Mike Mignola has his vision out there for the darker Hellboy come to light, and I'm sure he will, and David Harbour is excellent and everyone involved, but no my heart is broken."

Blair's thoughts on the subject seem to echo those of Ron Perlman and Guillermo del Toro who were also not very happy about not getting to finish the trilogy. Del Toro might be a little bit angrier than most, but he's riding a creative buzz right now with The Shape of Water.

Neil Marshall was chosen to take over for the Hellboy reboot with Stranger Things actor David Harbour taking on the titular role. Pictures and concept art have been released from the set and it looks good, but they're really going to have to deliver something darker like they have promised to keep the hardcore fans interested in the project. Mike Mignola has wanted a gory version of his character on the big screen for some time now and Neil Marshall intends to do just that when the movie is released next January.

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David Harbour has recently said that his version of Hellboy is already a lot more physical and admits that the muscles are all his this time around after shedding his "dad bod." We know that they're aiming for darker and grittier, but that might not sit so well with the fans of Guillermo del Toro's version of the character. Though the movies are somewhat dark, they invite all audiences in, no matter if they're fans of the comic book series or not. Plus, Selma Blair's words about del Toro's third movie have all of us more than intrigued.

While Selma Blair shares a lot of the same thoughts as many Hellboy fans, she is also hopeful that Mike Mignola's vision is done how he wants it, and that's pretty much all the fans should worry about too. We still have a year to figure out how this will all pan out, but it seems like everything is on the right track at this time. Selma Blair's quotes on the Hellboy reboot were originally published by CinemaBlend.

Kevin Burwick