We're slowly creeping into the fall season, with the last of the big budget summer tentpoles fading from the multiplex. Soon, it will be October, and that means it's time for some scary movies. Earlier today, we got a sneak peek at the The Witch, which looks terrifying. Now, we get the first trailer for Hellions, and it seems destined to become a Halloween classic!

In Hellions, a teenager's Halloween night turns into a terrifying fight to survive when trick-or-treaters from Hell show up at her doorstep. After getting the unwelcome news that she's pregnant, seventeen-year-old Dora (Chloe Rose) just wants to stay in on Halloween. But then a knock at the door delivers a gaggle of pint-sized demons after one thing: Dora's baby. Director Bruce McDonald unleashes a hallucinatory visual and auditory assault that propels Hellions to increasingly disturbing realms of terror. Robert Patrick co-stars.

Bruce McDonald is perhaps best known for his 2009 horror cult classic Pontypool, which changed the face of the zombie genre, bringing plenty of sharp twists to classic idea of people returning from the grave. Hailing from Kingston, Ontario, the director quickly made a name for himself while still in high school with a few low budget horror offerings, even going as far as to premiere his first feature-length film, the zombie thriller Our Glorious Dead in the school cafeteria. He'd go onto create some very popular low budget films in his home country of Canada, and he moved onto direct episodes for some of TV's most popular series, including Lonesome Dove: The Series, Degrassi: The Next Generation and Queer as Folk.

Hellions stars Chloe Rose and Luke Bilyk are both Degrassi: The Next Generation alumni. And then there is Robert Patrick, who needs no introduction. He first made his presence known as the evil T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Ever since then, he has had a long an illustrious career in genre films. And it's rumored that he will reprise his role in the X-Files Revival.

It's been a while since a true Halloween-themed movie came to theaters and made waves. 2009's Trick 'r Treat was the last bonafide classic to revolve around the annual Holiday. Hellions opens on September 18 in theaters and on VOD. It will have to compete with the equally awesome-looking zombie movie Cooties, which also revolves around a younger group of evildoers. Other anticipated horror movies heading our way this fall, leading into Halloween, include both Eli Roth's The Green Inferno and Knock, Knock, the animated sequel Hotel Transylvania 2, the haunted house thriller Crimson Peak, the family friendly Goosebumps, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension and Scout's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. That's surely enough to keep you occupied. But Hellions stands above the crowd, and could very well become a Halloween tradition. Take a look at the first trailer.

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