Earlier this month, we reported that the Hellraiser movie is shooting soon, entitled Hellraiser: Judgement. This is not the Hellraiser remake that is bringing original director Clive Barker back to the franchise, but the 10th chapter in the ongoing saga that already exists. The sequel is now confirmed to be titled Hellraiser: Judgement, with some calling it Hellraiser X: Judgement, which has make-up artist extraordinaire Gary J. Tunnicliffe confirmed to direct. Today we have a new report from Bloody-Disgusting, which confirms several new cast members, including the new Pinhead, played by Paul T. Taylor.

Paul T. Taylor is set to play the new Pinhead, with other new cast members including Heather Langenkamp as the "chain-smoking Landlady," Damon Carney as Detective Sean Carter, Randy Wayne as Detective David Carter and Alexandra Harris as Detective Christine Egerton. Before we get to even more new casting additions, the site also offered some plot details. Here's an excerpt from the site's story.

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"In Hellraiser: Judgement, Detectives Sean and David Carter are on the case to find a gruesome serial killer terrorizing the city. Joining forces with Detective Christine Egerton, they dig deeper into a spiraling maze of horror that may not be of this world. Could the Judgment awaiting the killer's victims also be waiting for Sean?"

Also joining the cast is filmmaker John Gulager as The Assessor, a role is tied to 'The Auditor,' who learns of your sins, your transgressions, your evils, and takes careful note of them before passing them on to the Assessor for judgment. Diane Ayala Goldner is playing The Cleaner, "a terrifying, aging, naked women clean bodies for punishment by licking them head to toe." Mike J. Regan is plying the Cenobite Chatterer once again, with Andi Powers playing one of the three 'Jury', who were described as naked, perfectly beautiful girls with have faces that have been shredded away; blood, bone, muscle, sinew and teeth exposed. They pass the horrific verdicts onto all offending mortals. Jeff Fenter is 'Karl Watkins' with Helena Grace Donald as 'Jophiel', and Grace Montie taking on the role of Crystal Lanning', a beautiful socialite who is never far from her beloved little dog, "Baby."

In our original story, Doug Bradley revealed why he would not be returning as Pinhead. It all came down to a confidentiality agreement that he refuse to sign. The new Pinhead has been cast, but his identity has not been revealed. He is being called 'a classically trained stage and film actor who brings a great physical presence and more than a hint of Peter Cushing and Ralph Fiennes'. What do you think about these new cast members?