With horror doing big business at the moment - possibly from people looking to forget some of the real world uncertainty and horrors around them - there couldn't be a better time for studios to dig into the grave and unearth something to bring the hungry hordes back to theaters. One particular horror reboot that has been getting a little attention recently is Hellraiser, the dark and depraved gore-fest from the mind of Clive Barker. According to TheIlluminerdi.com, the new version of Barker's short story The Hellbound Heart has found its lead in 21 year old Odessa A'Zion.

The Hellraiser saga has been one of those franchises that has perhaps been pushed further than it ever should have been, thanks in part to a long ago deal that allowed sequel after sequel to be pumped out in a way that almost lost sight of everything the original movie and its first sequel were about. By the time Hellraiser: Judgment arrived in 2018, there were very few who knew or cared. While Barker has discussed a reboot of the franchise as far back as 2006, it is only the last couple of years that things actually started to move forward, both on a movie and separately on a TV series.

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Reports have claimed that Odessa A'Zion will play Riley in the new movie, the female protagonist, who will undoubtedly come up against the mystical puzzle box and its Cenobite controllers. The actress is pretty new to the industry with her biggest roles being in Fam on CBS and Netflix's Grand Army, so the move to a highly anticipated project like Hellraiser is a game changer for an up and coming star. The casting does bear a strong similarity to that of Ashley Lawrence, who played Kirsty in the original Hellraiser and three of its sequels, who made her movie debut in Hellraiser at the age of...yes, you guessed it, 21 years old.

The Hellraiser reboot still has a long way to go, with no other casting news currently known, and having already faced numerous delays, fans have wondered whether it will ever see light of day. With the TV adaptation seeming to be moving along as well, it seems that we are going to be seeing a lot more of Pinhead and his cronies in the future. The casting of a lead seems to suggest that at least this time the reboot is on firmer ground, and with reports last month claiming the movie will be landing on Hulu under the direction of David Brucker, we will await more information as it comes.

The Hellraiser TV series, which has Barker on board as producer, has not received any updates in the last several months, but is supposedly moving forward at HBO Max. With the new casting news about the movie reboot, it could be a race to see who can reach the finish line first and take a first shot at bringing the horror of Pinhead to a whole new generation, as well as fans of the original, eager to see something decent done with the franchise again after so many years of mediocre drivel. This news originated at theilluminerdi.com.