Sonar Entertainment is planning on bring their classic horror franchise Hellraiser to the small screen. Stewart Till was given the reigns of the company after RHI entertainment was re-branded as Sonar Entertainment.

The new CEO had this to say about developing the series for the studio:

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"I've spent more time in film than in television, and I see that a lot of values of film, which are great writers, great directors, are becoming more and more relevant in television. The gap between an O.K. show and a great show is getting bigger and bigger and our obsession going forward will be to find high quality shows that people really want. If you look at our slate, you'll see shows that have either a great brand name like King Tut or Hellraiser that arrive with a recognition, a build-in marketing platform and/or a great writer like 'MPH' with Steven E. de Souza."

They are co-developing the small screen adaptation of Hellraiser with Eric Gardner from Panacea Entertainment.

This project is still in early development.